Alizon has been an artist since she was able to hold onto anything that would transfer a marking of any kind. When she was little her mom could not get her to stop writing on the walls for anything so she finally gave up and put butcher paper up on any wall that Alizon could reach.  In grade school Alizon drew pictures on all of her class notes and almost every homework assignment. In an effort to focus this drawing mania, Ali’s mother enrolled her in art classes at the local museum on Saturdays.  What a great experience that was as Alizon was exposed to so many great artists and styles.  She never got tired of art and focused her energies on it very much in high school, believing that she would be a professional artist after college.  Upon graduation she was accepted to the Columbus College of Art and Design and she thought she was on her way to her chosen profession.  Unfortunately her full scholarship did not cover living expenses or art supplies and she realized that she just could not afford going to a university at that time.  She joined the Army for the college money but liked it so much that she stayed in more than eight years.  She got to travel most of Europe and took the time to see some of the best museums and historical locations in the world.  She never lost her inspiration and continued to draw and paint as often as she could.  While in the military overseas she finished her associate’s degree in fine arts. After the military she finally completed the four year art degree she wanted before she enlisted. Ali has continued her love of art her whole life and has never been able to focus on just one medium.  She draws in pencil and colored pencil.  She paints in oil, acrylic, tempera and watercolor. She also likes to work in clay, metal and glass so she will be setting up a pottery studio in her new location as soon as possible as well as a place to continue to make jewelry and stained glass. On the crafting side Ali likes to crochet, sew and rug hook. She enjoys photography as well and took all the pictures on this website unless stated otherwise.

Alizon is available for commissions in any medium and if you keep checking back here periodically you will see examples of her work and art work that is available for purchase.