1997 AQHA palomino mare, Firastar.

Ali owned Bailey’s full sister who died of a burst uterine artery delivering her first foal. She had been such a nice horse that Ali went back to her breeder and asked for a full sister. Bailey was available and Ali brought her home as a pale, skinny, unbroken, gangly, long yearling. She did not seem to hold much promise as a young horse but the ugly duckling has become a beautiful and amazing swan. The path was not easy though. When Ali was training her to ride, she did very well. She was very quick to learn each lesson and eager for the next. She was naturally so smooth and very light to handle. Ali became very excited about Bailey’s potential in the arena and show ring as her sister had also shown tremendous potential. Then, when she had only had about five lessons under saddle, she got hung up in a hay ring and dislocated her shoulder. The vet did what he could and said time would have to tell if she would ever be sound again. A few months passed and she could stand but was not sound to ride yet. Ali decided to breed her if the vet cleared her as sound to breed, which he did. Then, when she was early in her pregnancy she had another accident. This one was horrible and no one was sure if she would live. She hung herself in a cable fence and literally tore her face off trying to free herself. She had cuts from head to toe and was covered in blood when Ali got to the facility where she was kept. She could not see as one eye was dislocated and skin hung over the other. We took her to the vet and could only pray she would survive. After over a month and much doctoring Bailey finally came home. Ali continued to treat her wounds for months as well. Amazingly with all the trauma and drugs, Baily retained the pregnancy and in the spring had Bethel, her first filly, out of Ali’s old stud Cricket. Ali never finished training Bailey to ride and has included her in the broodmare band ever since. She has had beautiful foals every year that we bred her and has become one of our best producers. She is a very sensitive mare who notices everything and was the alpha mare in our herd for a long time. Even though she still has scars all over her, to include what looks like a slice from ear to ear along her throat latch and a blind spot in one eye, she has matured to a beautiful, well conformed mare with a feminine head, nice deep heart girth and a big hip. She is affectionate and very athletic and each of her offspring has also shown great personality and athletic ability as well as good color and conformation. We have kept most of her mares in our broodmare band. It is time for Bailey to retire. We would like to sell her to a good home. We want to find a place where she can retire from being a broodmare and just enjoy the last few years of her life. If someone still wanted to use this mare for breeding she would need special nutrition in the colder winter months so she can retain weight. She is an older mare and requires all the care of an older horse. We do not plan to breed her in 2015.

Bailey’s offspring at Morning Ranch

Bethel, Reata, Sade, Grace, Shade, Duo, Dial, Amigo, Ringo, Classy, Copper, She is bred to Reno for a 2015 foal

Bailey’s Pedigree

Dapple Buck Jr Dapple Buck Buck Dodger
Chubby Sorrel
Honey Copper Penny Danny Trio Long
Jane’s Honey Gold
Vikingson Dialgirl Day of Vikingson Vikingson
Birthday Dial
Danny Dial Chicada Dial
Miss Bay Hiram


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