July 25, 1999 Chestnut Gelding, AQHA # 4952831 Ballad of the Jet

Ballad is from the first colt crop that Ali raised out of her old stud Cricket and her first set of mares. As a five month old he put his foot through a welded wire fence that was supposed to be horse-proof and cut himself on his foot. He never limped on it and we doctored him until he was completely healed up. He has been 100 percent sound for his whole life. He does have a scar in the hoof wall as part of the coronary band was damaged but it has never slowed him down a bit. As a matter of fact when he was at the vet for a bandage change one time, he was working five bulls that were there in the next pen like he was at a championship cutting event. They were all jammed up in the farthest corner of their pen and he would not give them any relief as he worked deep left and right to make sure they knew he was boss. Of course his breeding says he should be really cowy but we were very surprised and pleased to see his natural instincts manifest themselves so strongly even before he was totally halter broken. We thought he was sold as a yearling, as a man came from Colorado and put a deposit on him but then never came back to pick him up when his job suddenly moved him out of state. Ali decided to keep him around for awhile just in case the gentleman decided he still wanted him, and all these years later Ballad is still at the ranch. He displays all the traits that we wanted to have in our breeding program and we are pleased to have him still. He is kind, has great conformation and an even better disposition. He was such a pleasure to break and is very athletic. He never seemed timid or ever wanted to misbehave. He is really a nice ride, walks up to you in any pasture and wants to please you. If you open a trailer door he just runs in and has since he was a colt. He even came up on the porch and tried to walk into Ali’s house once. He gets used in the feed yard and everyone is impressed at how quiet he is in the cattle. They love to use him when they need to cut cattle or work cattle in the pasture. He has made a really nice ranch horse and Mike has pretty much claimed him as his go to horse. I can’t believe we have even considered selling him as he has been part of our family since the day he was born.He can sit in the pasture for a long time and will ride like you were on him yesterday. He is an extremely easy keeper. He is super athletic and quick footed, very cowy. He has been used for everything to include pairing and sorting, doctoring, in the feed yard, and out in open country. It is hard to sell him but he has been put on the back burner while we work with all the green horses. We want him to go to a place where he will be appreciated as much as we appreciate him and get to still be used for all the good years that he still has in him. They don’t get any better than this one.

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