2012 AQHA black mare, AMR Poco BB King.

We have had a few nice babies from this cross but BB is probably the best. Kiowa and Bear only made one dark foal and she is as pretty as they come. She is also very shapey. She ought to make a great cow horse since she is bred that way both top and bottom. Her momma was a head horse before she made a broodmare. BB’s hair always comes in jet black. It does fade in the sun so if you wanted her to stay black you would need to use sunscreen on her. This filly is gritty and built to work. She has a great hip and one of those pretty heads that you can’t forget. Get her while she is cheap because I bet we will have a hard time selling her once we put her on cattle.


BB’s Pedigree

Tiveo Poco King Tiveo Tomi Sparta Tiveo
Chapos Poco Tomi
Pansy Sugar Bear Destiny Bar Ebb
Deb’s Pansy Bear
Miss Tee J Kiowa Tee J Gold Peace Gold Fingers
Tee Jay Peace Bee
Nothing But Kiowa Kiowa Thad
Nothing Snippy



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