March 1, 1995 Buckskin Gelding, AQHA # 3381455 Diamond War Blade

Blade is Ali’s personal pet, friend and helps to train all of our young horses. Ali day worked on his dam and held her when she conceived Blade.   She also had the opportunity to ride his sire when he was a three year old in training.   Blade was the to be the first born for both his dam and sire so the breeder was surprised when Ali asked him to call her when Blade was born.   He did, and Ali brought him and his dam to her barn when Blade was a newborn. He has been sweet, inquisitive and fun to be around since day one. Now all these years later we have lots of miles and many great memories behind us.   When he was still a yearling my old stud ran him through a mesquite tree and we almost lost him.   A very skilled vet sewed him back up and more than 400 stitches, 30 staples and six months of doctoring later he was much better and just has a big scar on his shoulder. He was really easy to train and never has ever even thought about bucking. Ali has ridden him on week long trail rides in the mountains and deserts, parades, horse shows, in the feed yard, on wheat pasture cattle, and anywhere else that was worth being on a horse. He is a bomb-proof kid’s horse but Ali just can’t part with him. We did not geld him until he was three so he likes being in charge of the pasture. Now his main purpose is to babysit the weanlings and help us during the training process.   He is very kind to the babies but disciplines them when they need it which makes them kind and attentive even more than they already are by nature. He genuinely likes people, always wants to please, and is a great example to all of our colts.   He helps in ground work, round penning and all throughout the halter breaking and saddle training process either as a buddy example or to pony the young horses. He has been Ali’s best equine friend for years now and is a valued member of the training team at Morning Ranch. Blade is not for sale.

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