2008 AQHA palomino gelding, TS Boody Frost.

Boody is a really well bred colt that we bought at auction from Montana.  We love his pedigree and planned to perhaps use him as a stud someday if he turned out to be of that quality.  Unfortunately he was not the smartest colt we have every owned and caused himself some real problems. When he was a yearling he fell asleep near a barbed wire fence and ended up rolling into it. He did some serious damage. We found him a few days later and thought we should put him down. While we were waiting for someone to show up to take care of him he got up, went to the bathroom and started eating hay. We called the vet and gave him a chance to live. Ali doctored on him for months. At first she could reach her arm all the way into his chest up to her elbow. It was a miracle that his radial artery and nerve were not cut and he had not bled out. After more than half a year of doctoring he started to look like he might live. He can run and play but he has a nasty scar. If you look at him from the front it looks like someone took a pie wedge from his chest. He walks and runs well but limps when he trots. He will never be sound but he is not in pain. Ali will put a saddle on him this summer. He is really gentle so he would be great to lead kids around on but he will never be able to carry much weight or live up to his pedigree. He will stay at Morning Ranch until he finds a home or dies of old age. He is pretty pasture art that can entertain the grand kids occasionally and will be your buddy. He likes to be loved on and has a very sweet disposition. Guarantee a good home and make an offer for this sweet guy if you can give him a good forever home.

Boody’s Pedigree

PC Mr Sun Peppy Sun Frost Doc’s Jack Frost
Prissy Cline
PC Peppy Kate Tuff Time Peppy
Cross Fire Kate
PC Boodles of Cash Cash Native Dash for Cash
PC Soon To Boon Boon Dox John
Sun Lace


Boody’s Galleries (Click on any picture to see them full sized)

This one is of his injury and while it was healing.

These are the pictures of him over the time we have owned him. He is a really pretty boy.



There are no videos of Boody at this time.