2008 AQHA red dun gelding, AMR Poco Bee Bueno.

Canyon is our second colt out of Kiowa and the first one out of her and our stud Bear. We named him Canyon because Kiowa jumped a fence and had him in the neighbor’s canyon pasture.  It took us about an hour to find him and a few hours to get her and her new foal out of the canyon and back in the pasture where they belonged.  This colt is really first rate.  He has a striking color with all the dun factors including a dorsal stripe, shoulder bars, and tiger stripes on his legs.  Even better than his color is his conformation.  He is big boned with good feet and ready to go all day, any where.  He lives up to his outstanding pedigree by being really athletic and he got our stallion’s great disposition so this colt is really a great find.  If you need a performance or ranch horse deluxe don’t pass this one by. His older siblings are doing great at ranch work, on cattle, roping and anything that requires a quick, athletic horse with a good mind. He has no buck or bad habits.He is not tall but he is built right and easy to look at and be around. He has been ridden a lot in the feed yard and he is ready to have a job. He is a good, no nonsense partner and prefers to work.

Canyon’s Pedigree

Tiveo Poco King Tiveo Tomi Sparta Tiveo
Chapos Poco Tomi
Pansy Sugar Bear Destiny Bar Ebb
Deb’s Pansy Bear
Miss Tee J Kiowa Tee J Gold Peace Gold Fingers
Tee Jay Peace Bee
Nothing But Kiowa Kiowa Thad
Nothing Snippy



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