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We are very excited about this page. To start with it will only represent horses that we have had direct contact with in our business. As it progresses though, it will have information about some of the greatest horses in the industry. Ali and Mike are planing on visiting as many of the great Quarter Horse producing ranches as possible and pictures and information gathered on those visits will be used with the owners permission. Ali also will be researching many of the great sires and dams listed in the pedigrees and extended pedigrees of Morning Ranch progeny and you will be able to access all of that research from this page. Keep checking back here as this page will grow and change over time as more information is added.


Cricket Jet – 1979 Black Stallion Cricket , whose registered name was Cricket Jet, was a beautiful black stallion. A friend of Ali’s sent her to Abilene to check him out as a prospect for his breeding program.   When Ali saw him she fell in love with him and asked her friend if he would be offended if she bought… Continue Reading