Cricket Jet – 1979 Black Stallion

Cricket , whose registered name was Cricket Jet, was a beautiful black stallion. A friend of Ali’s sent her to Abilene to check him out as a prospect for his breeding program.   When Ali saw him she fell in love with him and asked her friend if he would be offended if she bought him instead.   He laughed and said no as he already had four studs. Ali brought him home that day. What struck Ali most about him beyond his gorgeous black color and excellent foundation conformation and breeding, was his attitude.   Ali tried him out in a pasture full of open mares with just a hackamore.   He was trained as a reining and cutting horse and with no bit in his mouth and all the distractions he easily spun left and right and rode like a dream. He ignored all the mares and did exactly everything asked of him. He was such a nice ride and a perfect gentleman on top of his excellent breeding and conformation that Ali was delighted to build the beginnings of the Morning Ranch bloodlines on this awesome stallion.   He was 14.3 and wide as a house.   Ali covered outside mares with him at first until her mares were old enough to breed. She also rode him in parades and grand entries and showed him at halter. He won first or second place for aged stallions every time Ali took him to the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo.   People were always surprised that he was a stallion when we were at a show or parade because he was a perfect gentleman even when he was crammed into a small space with open mares. He always knew what his job was and did it expertly.   When it was time to service the mares he really turned on the charm.   He was great with maiden mares and flirted with them until they were ready.   He never left a mark on a mare and always got the job done quickly. He stamped all of his babies with a big hip and strong conformation with a pretty head and a great disposition.   Ali broke several of his foals herself and none of them ever even offered to buck. All were athletic, intelligent and wanted to work and please.   When he was a young stud, a mare kicked him in the knees, fracturing both of them.   A vet suggested he be put down but a young lady offered to nurse him back to health.   He was not ever 100% sound again but Ali would love to know who that girl was and thank her for saving this fine horse.   When Ali got him he had large calcium deposits on his knees but was sound to breed. At 25 we retired him because his arthritis made it painful to mount mares. He lived two more years getting as much food and attention as he could get. One day he got gas colic and Ali took him to the vet. It was resolved easily and while at the vet another client there noticed Cricket and thought he was only ten or so.   At 27 he was still beautiful.   A week later, Mike went out to feed and came back in the house to inform Ali that Cricket had passed. We believe he died of renal failure. It was a hard day for Ali but of course we survived it.   We buried him in the mare pasture so he would always be in his favorite place.   We still have a few of his babies here at Morning Ranch.   Ballad, who is in training to become Mike’s rope horse, looks a lot like his sire in conformation and is living up to his work ethic and personality too.   To perpetuate Cricket’s great bloodlines we have included two of his fillies into our broodmare band and they are doing a super job.   Both Bethel and Que are making us proud and are a living legacy to the fine stallion that was their sire. He will never be forgotten and his great bloodlines live on in the beautiful progeny that fill our pastures today.

Cricket’s progeny at Morning Ranch:



Moon Deck
Jet Deck
Miss Night Bar
Pa Jones
Sugar Bars
Sugaree Bars
Randles Lady
Cricket Reed
Big Shot Bee
Newcombs Blaze
Billie Mae Reed



I don’t have any digital pictures of Cricket but once I dig what I have out of boxes and scan them, I will post them here on the website.

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