Red Merle Hanging Tree Cow Dog.

Dixie rocks. We just love this dog. She is amazing and scary smart. When you look into her eyes she lets you know that she is smarter than a lot of people out there. She will do anything we ask of her. It is super funny though because sometimes after a command she will look at you like she is saying “are you sure that is the best way to do this?” and we have to tell her we are sure we want to do it that way. One time Mike was out doing horse chores. He was on his phone standing at the gate where we let in some of the horses to separate them for feeding. He must have taken too long on the call because Dixie sorted off the ones we usually brought into that pen and drove them through the gate all by her self. We had never used her to do that before, she just figured it out from watching us. I just love that dog. We have lots of stories like that. She loves to work. She will go to the nose or the heel on livestock. She tends to work on the opposite side from whomever is directing her. She has always been a really natural worker with lots of drive, desire and grittiness. She hates to be called off but she is very good at doing what is asked of her.

She has done a great job of passing on her work ethic to her puppies and we have loved hearing all the “best dog I have ever had” stories. We know they are true because we think she is pretty top rate too.

Dixie’s Pedigree

K Hanging C’s Jet Hdn Canyon Cross
Rocky Mountain Jip
K Hanging C’s Souki Hdn Canyon Cross
K Hangin C’s Flo


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