April 23, 2005 Gray Gelding, AQHA # 4686807 Cowboys Playgun 537

We got Duck from a friend’s ranch horse sale with high hopes that he would be a really fun horse for Mike to use at the yard and to train as a rope horse. Unfortunately he has a navicular bone injury on one hoof that he got as a young horse and has not been sound since we brought him home. He is a really cool horse so we have worked really hard find a way to make him usable and control his pain. We are working with a great vet and have gotten him sound enough to ride. The vet feels with proper shoeing and good care he will never be 100% sound but will be sound enough to ride and use. This will be a lifelong commitment to special shoeing and pain management. If you are interested in a heck of a good horse and can deal with the medical issues please make an offer on this horse. He has been used in the pasture and in the feed yard. He won’t make an everyday user but he is a really nice ride, a real Cadillac. He can get gown and dirty watching a cow and he is a big, stout horse that can really do good work. If you need a ranch horse deluxe that you won’t need to use everyday then consider this nice horse that you will get at a great deal if you will commit to giving him a good life. He is a real cowboy’s horse.

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