2009 AQHA perlino gelding, WC Tuf Frost.

Frosting came to Morning Ranch in a trade. He is a really big, really gentle guy that is always in your pocket. He is kind of a big, sweet puppy dog. He will stand around all day if you love on him or feed him and be happy to just exist. He is very tall but he is also very lazy which makes him the perfect horse when you have someone around that you want to ride with you but they can’t handle a horse that an experienced rider would enjoy. This guy doesn’t really spook at anything because, frankly, it would just take way too much energy to jump sideways. He is gentle enough to be a kid horse but his size has worried all of the beginners who have tried him with us. He would be a great husband horse or the horse on a trail ride for that novice who needs a horse that you can waller all over and not bother him at all. You can get on or off of him on either side. You can mount him from a block or a fence with no problem. He picks up his feet easily and likes to be groomed. He is really very pretty and built exactly right. His conformation makes him look like a fourteen hand horse but he is well over 15 probably more like 16. I’ll put an exact size on here once we measure him. He is well bred and could do anything but he is naturally really quiet and low gear so we didn’t want to undo that by finishing him as a rope or barrel horse. He has an outstanding pedigree. He is fast, covers a lot of ground and is long strided when he runs but you do have to ask him for it. He would rather just walk or give you a slow collected trot. He might make a great driving horse. He is very comfortable to ride, especially considering how tall he is. He is smooth, light mouthed and soft sided. He collects easily. He will side pass and work gates. He was started right and used in a feed yard for a year. He will work cattle but would much rather be a trail horse.

Frosting’s Pedigree

Ali Frost Ali Jack Doc’s Jack Frost
Amber Drift
Ms Sakem Silkwood Sak Em San
Katy Fair
Hot Busy Baby Tuf N Busy Bueno Chex
Keeping Busy
Tar Baby Delight Especial
Miss Fanny Belle


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