2002 AQHA red roan mare, Sheza Rio Handcock.

Handy is a super nice mare that we have the pleasure of seeing again now that she is grown up. We bought her as a two year old. Mike trained her and we sold her to a nice family in Texas. During training she was super smart and caught on very quickly. She showed lots of athleticism and want to. The family that bought her enjoyed her very much. Then as kids do, the daughter that loved her so much grew up and went off to college. Due to the drought and Handy’s lack of employment the owners decided to find her a home where she could be ridden and used in stead of just hanging out in the pasture that had very little grass in it. They contacted us and we have her back so we can find a good home for her. Most of her career she has been used for trail riding. She is good natured but probably not a beginners horse as she needs a rider that is smarter than she is. She went unridden for two years and had absolutely no buck in her. She should make a good ranch or trail horse. She is very smart, has the right instincts and should take to any job that someone would like to do with her. She is big and very shapey, pretty and a very easy keeper. We have been using her on cattle and in the feed yard and she is showing good cow sense. We would love to see someone take her and finish her as a head horse. Since she has been ridden so lightly for all of her life she has lots left in her for a long time to come.

Handy’s Pedigree

Heza Rio Rascal He’za Rio Power Rio
Melody Wolf
Steal A Sweety Stealin Home
Sunrise Sweetie
Denees Cutie Hancock Heck No Hancock Lary Heck Hancock
Hancock Cutie
Denees McQue Roany Johnny Lowe
Haylie Star


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