2012 sorrel AQHA mare, AMR Easy Jones Jet.

We had great expectations for Joan. She is bred in the purple and we even thought maybe she could be good enough to send to the track with a friend of ours. She was windswept when she was born but she quickly grew out of that. She grew strong and tall and fast as the wind. We wondered what amazing things might be in her future. Then came weaning time. She was in a pen with the rest of the weanlings. The morning after we weaned them we came out to the pen to work with them and she was limping. She would not let us near her to look at it at all. There was not really any swelling but she was certainly lame on it. Eventually we pushed her into a chute and finally got a decent look at her leg. She had fractured her pastern as best we could tell. We figured one of her siblings must have stepped on her when she was laying down in the hay on weaning night. In the process of trying to help her she fought us tooth and hoof. She mule kicked Mike so hard it sounded like someone hitting a home run. She left a nasty bruise on Mike’s thigh and that was the closest she got to us for awhile. She was so angry, and I am sure in pain, that we could not really handle her without risking her causing more damage to her pastern in her attempt to get away from us or hurt us. We put her in a smaller pen as it way the only way that we could talk her into giving it a rest. We called several veterinarians to see if they would try to work on her and all refused as we were a very long way from all of them. They wanted the joint stabilized for the trailer ride and she was not gentle enough, at that point, to cast her. She needed x-rays but would not stand still for them or let anyone near enough to her to take them. We were at our wit’s end. We did all we could for her and considered putting her down. She started running and bucking on it so we decided to wait. Flash forward a few years and she is as sound as she is ever going to be and a whole lot sweeter. We will not ever get to ride her or see how much speed she was actually meant to have but she is healthy and alive. She has grown in to a beautiful, tall mare that will be a great broodmare. We have high expectations again, now not as what she will do on her own, but in what she will produce. Her dam and sire are beautiful and make first rate, athletic babies. We hope now that she too will be a great producer of fine athletes. Her sire was in his twenties when she was conceived. There won’t be very many more bred like this nice filly.

Joan’s Pedigree

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Joan’s Gallery

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