May 23, 2013 Black Gelding, AQHA # X0709263 AMR Bueno Pa Jones

There are not a lot of people who are familiar with Pa Jones but those that are know that these horses can really run but still have a calm demeanor and are easy to train. They are really forgiving. We miss our old stud Cricket but babies like Jones show that we still have his legacy in our bloodlines. This is probably one of my favorite crosses. Here we have a mare out of our old stud Cricket crossed on our fine stud Bear. He has lots of those amazing foundation horses in his pedigree that we just love. Jones was always big for his age. He has tons of bone and if he turns out like his siblings he will be able to work all day and not wear out. He can help you make your living horseback and then go play and win some money at the rodeo on the weekends. These have all been natural rope horses. They have lots of cow and take to working cattle easily. His full brother is on a working ranch and well loved by his owner. His full sister is in reining training and couldn’t be more loved by her owner. Another brother is a barrel horse just starting on the circuit and showing great promise. His owners turned down $15,000 for him. Other siblings are all earning their keep and we keep getting good reports. You had better get this one quick before we change our minds and keep him for Mike to use.

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