2011 AQHA gray mare, AMR Ladybug Dash.

Ladybug is a really fun mare out of Badger and Perkin Bugs. We plan to use her as a broodmare later but in the meantime Ali wants to see what kind of barrel horse she makes. She is in training now and is doing very well. We sold her dam because she was not a very friendly mare, as a matter of fact she was down right mean. She was awfully pretty though so we gambled just this one time and bred her to a really gentle and well bred stud that our friends own. We got just what we wanted and sold the mare the next chance we had. Ladybug has been sweet and curious since she hit the ground. She is built to run and is very sensible. On top of that, she is pretty and really wants to be everyone’s friend. It will be fun to see what happens with her in competition and even more fun to see what kind of babies she makes for us. She is not for sale at this time.

Ladybug’s Pedigree

Perkin Bugs Dash for Perks Dash for Cash
Barbies Baby Buggy Copper Bugs
Enchanting Barb
Dodies Leo Badger Tee J Six Badger Silver Six Badger
Tee J Blues Cindy
Dodies Leo Dodies Dude Leo
Miss Docs Suzie


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