2012 AQHA gray mare, AMR Maybellene.

Maybellene is a really sharp mare out of our great stud Bear and one of our favorite broodmares Bee. This is one of the best crosses we have ever seen. Every time they have produced one of the best babies of that foal crop and Maybellene is a stand out. She was born black with white around her eyes like eyeliner, hence the name Maybellene. She started turning gray on her first foal shed. Also, we used famous singers or song names that year for the horses that we had a hard time naming and we love the song from Chuck Berry, so why not, right? She turned thick really fast as a baby and has been one of our thickest horses since. She is super tough too. If she were a gelding I am sure she would have left our pastures a long time ago. She is built to work all day and play as much as you want to. She is ready to go pro at what ever discipline you want to do and then be one of your very best broodmares when you retire her from competition. Don’t pass her by because she is a mare, I am sure she can hang with the boys and probably be better than most if not all of them too. Mike’s grandpa told him that with a mare you get twice the horse for half the money. I am pretty sure this is the mare he meant when he said that. This is a stout and athletic mare that works like a gelding. She ought to make a great roping prospect. She does not care for pampering and likes having a job. She really watches a cow and covers a lot of ground when she moves. She is being used for ranch work up until sale date. If you make a living horseback you will really like this one. She is pretty handy.

Update: Maybellene sold to a working ranch. We are looking forward to updates!


Maybellene’s Pedigree

Tiveo Poco King Tiveo Tomi Sparta Tiveo
Chapos Poco Tomi
Pansy Sugar Bear Destiny Bar Ebb
Deb’s Pansy Bear
Tillmans Rojo Jackie Rojo Valentine Ruano Rojo
Fox Coup
Jackies Trinka Tee J Double Jackie
Badland Storm


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