May 8, 2012 Black Stallion, AQHA # 5472615 AMR Heza Poco Jet

Ali and Oso are like BFFs. He is, and has always been, terribly sweet. He is a lover and likes attention. He wants to be your friend. He is the first to the gate or fence to be petted. He takes new things as though he has done them a hundred times before. He is definitely one of the tallest horses we have ever raised. We haven’t measured him lately and he is still growing but if he is already 16 hands at least. He is built to run and is a great barrel prospect. He is pretty and everyone notices him. Every time Ali sees Oso run she imagines the two of them having a blast at the NFR.

He was injured as a colt and has healed up but does have a scar on the front of his cannon bone on his back left leg. We were out of town and the girl doing chores for us left the chicken coop door open. He went in there and scraped the front of his back left leg. It was extremely cold when he did it so doctoring was quite the challenge. It has healed now but does have a scar. The vet x-rayed him on 8/3/15 and said that while the bone on his back leg is thicker than normal there is no damage that will ever hinder his athletic ability in any way. He explained that since the bone was rubbed and then exposed to freezing temperatures while the skin was broken open, as he grew, the bone became more dense in that area. It is smooth as you can see in the x-ray images I posted below. The vet did not recommend cosmetic surgery since this is not affecting function in anyway. It is in a place that does not interfere with the function of the leg at all. The bone is actually stronger than it would have been normally. It is only a cosmetic issue. This injury did keep us from starting him as a two year old.

We thought he was crypt-orchid for a long time but he does have two testicles he was just a late bloomer. He injured himself again the week before he was supposed to go to the trainer as a three year old. He must have pawed at a fence because he cut his pastern and the back of the bulb of his foot. We took him to the vet who put him in a cast to limit proud flesh and excess scaring and now he is sound and healthy again. Going with the old wisdom that only the best horses get hurt the most, we bred a couple of mares to him to see if he was stud worthy since we had to wait for him to heal again. Wow, did he ever show us something good. They were such nice babies that we bred more mares to him last year and have more babies coming out of him for 2019.

How we ended up with this fine running bred colt is that we bred one of Bear’s daughters that we kept as a broodmare to a friend’s rodeo horse and love the results. His sire has successfully competed in high school and then college and pro-rodeos in barrel racing. He has also been used to push cattle and bulls by his owners who are stock contractors, and has also done a good job as a hazing horse. I watched Oso’s sire in a race on slick, nasty, muddy ground. Most of the other racers pulled out of the event. Oso’s sire, Hollywood and his jockey took their run, she fell off and he just stopped and went back to her and waited for her to get back on him. He walked quietly to the gate when they left the arena. It was great to see him take care of her and I believe Oso is that kind of horse too. He will have speed when you need it and always be easy to get along with. It sure doesn’t hurt that he is really easy on the eyes. He is five panel N/N on everything.

Oso’s offspring at Morning Ranch:

2018 – Butterfly, Moses

Oso’s Gallery (click on any picture to see them full sized)

Oso’s scars, guaranteed sound!

There are no videos of Oso at this time.

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