Puppy Philosophy

We never really planned on being dog breeders. It just was kind of a natural progression. We had already been breeding horses for many years. We had a few really nice cow dogs and folks kept asking us when we were going to have puppies. We waited a few years but eventually wore down and decided to have a litter. After the first litter did so well and we got such great reports on how well they worked we decided to be more intentional about it.

Our dogs are very specifically selected. If they don’t have natural working instincts and great personalities then they don’t get to have puppies. Intelligence and drive really matter to us. We like our dogs to have really correct conformation and a sturdy build is a necessary benefit in our working environment. It is critical to us that all of our dogs meet all breed standards and that our puppies show our desire to improve the breed with each generation. We have only purchased the highest quality dogs for our program. They come from parents that are all clear of any genetic faults. All of our dogs are clear by parentage of any genetically passed defects.

When we have a litter of puppies they get all of the health care required. We work closely with our vet to ensure that our pups are as healthy as possible. Our vet takes care of the dew claws and docks tails as needed per breed standards. We do all age appropriate shots and worming. If you get a Morning Ranch puppy you can rest assured we have done all we can to give it the best possible start in life.

We do not breed our females often. We don’t plan more than one litter a year for any female. If you would like to be contacted when we have a litter it then let us know and we will be delighted to add you to our call list.

Dogs that are designed to work livestock may not be the right fit for a lot of people. They are highly intelligent and if not challenged can be naughty. They are very active dogs and need lots of exercise. Please consider your lifestyle before you make what we expect is a lifelong commitment to a new family member. Aussies are extremely loyal and are people pleasers. They know who their people are and want to be with them. They do kennel well but if you are rarely home I suggest you think long and hard about getting a puppy. Aussies are good with families and are very loving. They make great companions and they love to work. Hanging Tree Cow Dogs are also extremely smart and active dogs. They can be a little stubborn but they are tough and gritty workers and make first rate livestock animals. They are more protective than Aussies and are very loyal to their people.

Our guarantee is that you are getting a healthy puppy. We give a one year health guarantee. You must give all standard self and vet administered health care, shots and worming. You must provide a safe and healthy environment for the dog. If a Morning Ranch puppy has any health defect as identified by a vet that is attributed to us then we will replace the puppy. We reserve the right to have a vet of our choosing examine a puppy if a claim is made.

If we could describe the perfect home for our dogs it would be on a farm or ranch where they get to do their job. The non-working homes in which they have been successful are those with folks that have active lifestyles or that have plenty of time to spend with their dogs. If you are not sure if Aussies are a fit for you please feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

The spay/neuter issue is a tricky one. We do not require a spay/neuter contract. Recent research shows that animals that are altered, especially at a young age, are more likely to get many life threatening issues like cancers and other hormone driven issues. We do not promote owners allowing their dogs make puppies. If you do not have a situation that ensures your dog will not procreate then we do encourage you to alter your animal. We do ask you to at least consider vasectomy or tubal ligation as an alternative so that the needed hormones are still in your animal’s system. If you are considering breeding your dog we ask that you reconsider the issue and do lots of research. It is not easy money. It is hard work with a very small profit margin if done properly. If you want to discuss this more we encourage the conversation and would be delighted to discuss it with you. Shelters in America are full of unwanted animals and we do not want to contribute to that atrocity in any way.

If you get a dog from us we also make a lifelong commitment to you to assist if needed. We will never buy back a dog but if for some reason you can no longer care for your dog we will take it back and find it a new home. Please make us your first call if issues arise. We will do all we can to help you find a good resolution for you and the dog. We love animals and will do what we can to do right by them whenever we can.

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