2001 AQHA black mare, Cue the Jet.

Que’s story is kind of funny. A friend of Ali’s bought some race bred mares and asked Ali to breed her stud Cricket to them and they would split the money when the babies were sold. Ali agreed but unfortunately, due to financial hardship, Ali’s friend had to sell the mares before the babies were born and she could not afford to pay stud fees for any of them. Ali decided to put a note in with the transfer papers on the mares asking the new owners to contact her if they wanted to register or sell the foals so that she could assist with the paperwork and perhaps buy back some of the babies. Then almost a year later Ali was at a graduation ceremony at the school where she was teaching, talking to some friends of hers who attended her church and whose daughter was graduating that day. They were discussing the beautiful black filly that their mare just had. Of course Ali, being as big a fan of horses as she is, asked them how the baby was bred and was surprised to hear them name her stud as the father of their new filly. It then dawned on them that it was Ali’s name on the note that they got with the mare’s transfer and they confessed that they were planning on calling her to get the filly registered. As it turned out they decided to sell the filly back to Ali and we are delighted to have her in our broodmare band. She is almost the spitting image of her sire and has his color, strong foundation conformation and great disposition. She has an outstanding pedigree for a horse her age and her babies ought to really watch a cow and should be able to fly like the wind. She has the best of the foundation speed and performance horses in her pedigree. We never trained her to ride as we were eager to get her into our breeding program. She and Bear have had some great foals. She has also been crossed with some outside studs and never disappoints. Her babies are always very pretty and really catty.  Chevy is making an outstanding heal horse. Put this site on your favorites and check out her great progeny for years to come of you want a top notch performance horse. Que is not for sale at this time. We plan to breed her to Reno for a 2016 foal.

Que’s offspring at Morning Ranch

Post, Chevy, Tater, Kay, Joan, Surprise and Que should be in foal to Reno for a 2015 foal


Cricket Jet Pa Jones Jet Deck
Sugaree Bars
Cricket Reed Pennant
Newcombs Blaze
The Right Cue Jet Fargo Easy Jet
Throw the Pillow
The Queens Cue Don Que
The Flight Queen


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