June 15, 2008 Gray Stallion, AQHA # 5132451 Never Play Guns

Sometimes the events in your life just seem to fall a certain way and opportunities you never dreamed of fall in your lap. We believe these opportunities are gifts from God and we are very thankful for this one. Reno came to us in the summer of 2014. He was a deal that we could not really pass up. We went to see him in Iowa believing that there was no way it could possibly work out that we could own him. We looked at all the cattle and horses that his former owner had on his place. We got to see this fine stallion in person and his first colt crop of five pretty babies. He is so beautiful in person, words just don’t do him justice. He was not in show condition and had just been turned out in the pasture but he still looked like the champion that he is. He moved with amazing fluidity when we worked him and worked exactly like a horse should. We made all the arrangements needed to ship him home and a short time later Ali made the trip back to Kansas with our new herd stallion. Little did we know that a few days later our precious stallion Bear would die and our whole breeding program would change. Someone recently saw Reno and told us “he is the real deal” and we believe that too. We are excited to see what his offspring at Morning Ranch will become. We decided to stand him at Outback Stallion Station in Idaho for the 2015 breeding season. That made it really difficult to breed our mares, so we have stood him here at home since.

We are super excited to see his foals excel working cattle in the show ring and on ranches anywhere that folks appreciate a premium cow horse. We expect to start getting great reports as his babies come of age and get to start showing off. The early feedback that we are getting is that his babies are showing strong intelligence and athleticism. Onwers report that they are easy to train. We just recently found out that some mares from his first colt crop are on the Haythorne Ranch and another working ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska and will be competing in Ranch Horse Competitions and Ranch Rodeos this coming summer.They told us that those mares are very athletic, cowy and have a really light handle. Another report from Montana was that on day three of of saddle training Reno’s colt was already getting ridden outside and getting along great. We love to get updates like that!

He was professionally trained and shown by Luke Jones. While doing our research we spoke to him and he told us lots of great things about this stallion. Some of what we liked hearing is that he has a great work ethic and really excelled at fence work. We want to produce horses that can work cattle as that is part of our program. Just being good in the show ring isn’t enough for us, we need horses that are good all the time, in all situations. He is bigger and has more bone than a lot of other show horses and that is part of why we wanted him. He is catty and athletic but is still built to put in a full day’s work. Luke said this is a really smart horse that likes his job and likes to work. He is all business and no fluff. We really appreciate all the time and effort Luke put into this horse. He did a great job and if we ever decide to take him back to the AQHA World Show Luke will be our first call.

2018 is super exciting for us as the babies we have kept out of him will just now be getting old enough to start training. Please stay tuned to our facebook page and our website for updates on these fine horses with amazing potential. We do have a few of Reno’s offspring available for sale if you are interested.

He is five panel tested and N/N for all five genetic tests. He is nominated in the AQHA Incentive Fund.

Never Play Guns ‘s Performance Record. High Point Jr Tie-Down Roping /6th Place (2012-Open). High Point Jr Performance Halter Stallion /7th Place (2012-Open). Qualified Jr Tie-Down Roping World Show (2012-Open). Qualified Jr Heading World Show (2012-Open). Qualified Jr Heeling World Show (2012-Open). Red Bud Jr Tie-Down Roping /3rd Place (2012-Open). Performance Register of Merit (2012-Open). Earned: 8 Performance Wins; 82.5 Performance Points; 0.5 Halter Points; 1 Performance Register of Merit. Other Earnings: National Reined Cow Horse Association $6,407.34. He won the South Dakota Reined Cow Horse Futurity. He was only shown for one season. We are contemplating letting him show some more.

Reno’s Pedigree

One of the really special things about him is his pedigree. There just aren’t many stallions out there that are as loaded on the bottom as they are on the top. We printed out his show record from AQHA that includes his achievements and the legacy that precedes him. It was nine pages long in tiny print. He comes from a long line of Champions both on his sire’s side and on his dam’s. He shows all the best qualities from his family tree.

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