May 25, 2018 Gray Mare, AQHA # pending

I just love this sweet little filly. She is out of Sarrah and Reno. Her momma got super sick with a respiratory issue during her pregnancy and honestly we thought that she had either sloughed or absorbed the foal. Sarrah recovered and about a month before Slide was born her momma’s belly got big quickly. I was so worried about if the baby would be okay with all the weight loss and medication that happened during the time she was in her dam. So when she was born I was so relieved to see that she was okay and Sarrah was going to be okay too. Needless to say she was small and will probably always be small due to her tough start. So someone will get this little filly with a huge heart. She is so full of life. I named her slide because that is what she loves to do. I had to move them out of the barn pretty quickly because this little girl just wanted to let loose. She would run her fastest and then slide until something got into her way. She would whip around and do it again until she got tired. I had a few other cuter names picked out but I had to call her Slide because that is what she did all the time. She has been loved on a lot and enjoys people and as much attention as you will give her. I think she would be a great kids horse. She is very athletic, fun with a big personality, and eager to learn and please you. Good things come in small packages and this little one is a really good thing. I forgot to take pictures of her because I had her in a pen up by the house but as she matures I promise to take more.

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