If you are a previous client and want to put your comments here please contact us and we will be glad to post what you have to say!

Greg from TX bought a filly from a client who bred his mare to our stud “Bear”. Here is what he had to say after he contacted us:

“Her name is Ebony, and she’s absolutely fantastic.  I’ve loved her ever since I first saw her.  She’s very bright, of a very pleasant disposition, and she’s not afraid of much.  Actually, that last bit came as a bit of a surprise, since most of the horses I’ve worked with in the past have been somewhat fearful, but it’s a great quality about her.  The other horses around can spook about stuff, and she’ll calmly just keep doing whatever it is she’s doing.  She’s comical when something does spook her, though – she hides behind me, and I affectionately accuse her of being a big chicken.  She’s absolutely the friendliest horse you’ve ever seen, and at the stable where I keep her, I frequently get compliments on how happy and friendly she is.  My favorite part, though, is that I can turn her loose in the arena (that’s where the pictures were taken) with no lead rope on, and I can call her to me, we can run side-by-side, jump over obstacles, change directions, stop, and back up, using only my body language and a few vocal cues.  She’s very attentive.  As of right now, she’s a little over 3 years old, and right at 14.2hh (the picture really distorts our relative heights for some reason).  I’ve begun working on breaking her to ride, but for me personally there isn’t a huge rush  – I prefer the companionship.  In short, she’s absolutely wonderful – everything I could have ever asked for in a horse.  I think she’s definitely done Bear proud.  :)”

Jodi from Iowa got a great Christmas present purchased from Morning Ranch.

“I am the very lucky owner of filly that is the product of Morning Ranch. She started out as the best Christmas present that I ever received, and is growing into the most beautiful horse I have ever owned!   My Chica is such a fun horse to be around – most definitely personality plus!! She is terribly smart – which makes her very easy to train. She is also very athletic – which makes her very fun to train! Her bloodlines are amazing – as are all of Morning Ranch’s babies. Having such a well bred horse opens up all kinds of possibilities that I didn’t expect to have. I am not sure what Chica is going to be yet, but I know that anything that requires brains and speed – she is qualified!   I would highly recommend any of Mike and Ali’s horses!!”